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The Scholastic Children's Dictionary (ISBN: 978-0-545-60495-6)  MADE IN AMERICA  Retail Value:  $19.99 US is a long lasting beautiful, hard cover book, not a paperback.  It includes:


  • more than 30,000 entries
  • easy-to-understand descriptions
  • comprehensive selection of words
  • illustrations
  • phonetic pronunciations, parts of speech, synonyms
  • Plus 1000 color photographs and illustrations Life Jacket (lifejacke

At your fingertips:

  • the Braille alphabet Astronaut (astronau
  • a guide to U.S. presidents
  • facts about the states
  • maps
  • and more handy references.
  • The dictionary is appropriate for Ages 9 - 14.

 You can get this dictionary here at a cost far below the retail price

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The greatest LOCAL hands-on community service project ever....just not the only one.